TM PacStar Granted Patent for High-Velocity Air Cooling

/TM PacStar Granted Patent for High-Velocity Air Cooling

PacStar Granted Patent for High-Velocity Air Cooling The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted PacStar a patent for high-velocity air cooling of electronic equipment.

PacStar, a technology-based provider of communications solutions to the military and government, announced that it was granted a new patent for high-velocity air cooling of electronic equipment by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

PacStar was granted U.S. patent number 7,573,713 for a high-velocity air cooling system used to expand the environmental/operational envelope and extend the life of standard IT/communications equipment such as Internet routers, switches, voice gateways and application servers. The high-velocity air cooling system technology is deployed throughout PacStar’s portfolio of advanced, deployable unified communications equipment based on IQ-CoreTM Technologies, Cisco Systems, and third-party, COTS (Commercial-Off-The- Shelf) networking/communications equipment. The products are designed for a broad range of applications for Military, Homeland Security, Disaster Recovery and Enterprise customers.

The invention represents a significant advancement in the methods which organizations use to deploy advanced communications. By including IQ-Core Technologies in deployable communications solutions, organizations are now able to deploy the most advanced COTS networking technologies without relying on heavy, expensive, power-intensive, cooling systems. The invention, included in PacStar IQ-Core Case solutions, provides an easy-to-maintain, power-efficient cooling system so communications solutions can run reliably in environments where ambient temperatures exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.

The technology was developed and patented by the PacStar product development team, which creates innovative solutions to common customer challenges. This marks the second patent awarded to PacStar for its IQ-Core Technologies, and demonstrates PacStar’s commitment to advancing state-of-the-art communications systems.

“The government and U.S. military increasingly rely on broadband, unified communications in the field. To take advantage of low-cost commercial technologies, these organizations often field equipment designed for environmentally-controlled data centers.” said Charlie Kawasaki, Chief Technology Officer of PacStar. “Agencies have struggled to adapt equipment for use in the field and ensure it runs reliably in scorching environments. This invention addresses that need.”

The invention is embodied in PacStar’s broad product family of IQ-Core Software-managed, deployable communications solutions, including the PacStar 6300, which delivers Defense Switched Network (DSN) voice services, can connect to LAN or satellite, and supports IP and analog phones. The underlying IQ-Core Case technology can package this sensitive equipment to provide unprecedented field access to networks (such as NIPRNet and SIPRNet) anywhere on the globe.

“Providing reliable, secure, cost-effective access to the defense network ensures our soldiers are able to respond to any level of conflict or disaster worldwide,” said Kawasaki.

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