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Fidelis, PacStar Unveil Cyber Platform for Tactical Network Deployments

"Fidelis Cybersecurity and Pacific Star Communications have introduced a rugged cybersecurity platform designed to help mobile troops protect in-theater and executive communications and forward operating bases from cyber threats. The PacStar Tactical Fidelis Cybersecurity System is a compact platform that works to automate threat detection and incident response and is built to meet tactical cyber personnel’s weight, power, size [...]

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Protect the U.S. Power Grid

“The North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) standard on physical security—known as Critical Infrastructure Protection-014 (CIP-014)—includes six basic requirements, but perhaps the most challenging for power companies is to develop and implement a documented physical security plan. Tower-mounted robotics powered by artificial intelligence could make that easier.” Steve Bowen is senior commercial business development manager [...]

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