Blog: Secure Wireless Warfighter Comms Available When Troops Need Them Most

By Charlie Kawasaki, PacStar’s Chief Technical Officer
Signal Magazine    |    January 30, 2017

Today’s military needs lightweight, compact, mission-critical communications systems that support the transition from a platform-centric force to a network-centric force. Decision superiority is key to military success. Timely decision-making requires advanced military communications technologies to quickly deliver data from field locations. The military needs low-cost, flexible solutions without increasing its dependence on centralized communications networks. PacStar’s series of Deployable Communications Products was created to meet specific requests for technology advances by our largest military customers. PacStar packages our software and communications hardware into rugged, mobile communications systems that meet military specifications.

To learn more about the secure wireless warfighter communications currently available to US troops, read Signal Magazine’s featured blog post written by PacStar’s Chief Technical Officer, Charlie Kawasaki.

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