Security Industry: PacStar Modifies Communications Software

/Security Industry: PacStar Modifies Communications Software

UPI Online reports; PacStar Communications Inc. of Oregon has reconfigured its IQ-Core software for use with a General Dynamic’s C4 system.

The reconfiguration, the company said, allows system operators to train and operate General Dynamic’s Dismounted Company Command Post communications system faster and more efficiently.  DCCP is an expeditionary Communications system intended for the U.S. Department of Defense.

The DCCP system, using the new software, will be demonstrated by General Dynamics at the Association of the United States Army ILW Winter Symposium later this month in Florida.

IQ-Core Software automates routine, difficult or error-prone setup, configuration and management tasks. The software reduces setup time and improves system uptime by reducing configuration errors.

The company said the software is especially valuable in reducing the complexity of tasks related to the deployment of unified capabilities that provide voice, data, video and application services in the field.

“This development effort further expands the reach of IQ-Core Software with the potential to bring the ‘ease-of-use’ of our technology to a much wider audience,” said PacStar Chief Executive Officer Bob Dunn.


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