///PacStar 551 Rugged Server + Switch Module
PacStar 551 Rugged Server + Switch Module2018-06-11T09:53:57-08:00

Ultra Rugged Communications         

PacStar 500-Series is designed from the ground up to provide the compute and networking capabilities of the popular PacStar 400-Series, with the added benefit of environmental protection rated at IP67 for protection from dust and water. The PacStar 500-Series also features rugged M12 industry standard connectors providing protection beyond traditional RJ-45. The PacStar 551 is based on Intel® computing and Cisco® switching technology and provides up nine switched ports.

Ideal for use in austere and challenging environments

Software Applications

PacStar 551 is available with a wide variety of pre-loaded, pre-secured, and pre-qualified software applications appropriate for use in the tactical/ industrial communication applications.

  • WAN acceleration

  • Unified communications

  • Video transcoding

  • Cybersecurity

  • Virtualized network functions such as routing, firewalls and more…

Enterprise-class networking technologies

PacStar 551 utilizes the best of enterprise-class networking technologies, delivered in an OT ready package – enabling organizations to deploy the same technology for traditional networking or operational networks or to unify IT and OT networks, without sacrificing environmental protection.

PacStar IQ-Core® Software

The PacStar 551 is optionally managed by PacStar IQ-Core® Software, which simplifies system setup, network management and protects the system from mis-configuration by operators in the field.

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