PacStar 4500 Commander Kit with ESR

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PacStar 4500 Commander Kit is a lightweight, compact, and secure communications package that provides voice, data and video communications for combatant commanders and other high-profile users. PacStar 4500 provides either a tunneled or “cipher text core” architecture with access to classified and unclassified DoD networks, such as SIPRNet, JWICS, and NIPRNet.

The black enclave contains a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall with FIPS 140-2 VPN and routing capabilities. The red enclave contains a small form factor, high performance Cisco 5915 ESR router with enterprise-class routing features. The red enclave can be separated from the core to meet stringent security requirements.

The system is compatible with any inline HAIPE-certified devices providing encryption, which may be provided as GFE.

The system is based on open standards and contains proven, reliable, Cisco hardware.

The system supports worldwide AC power input and has a DOT-certified, lithium-ion, laptop-style battery for up to 2 hours of runtime.

PacStar 4500 was designed to be discreet, with a form factor that draws minimal attention. It weighs 10 lbs and fits in a standard laptop bag or backpack. The system sets up in minutes and is easy to use.

PacStar 4500 accepts any IP-over-Ethernet input for backhaul, including BGAN, VSAT, 3G wireless network, wired LAN, or Wi-Fi.

PacStar 4500 Commander Kit (CK) with ESR
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