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Standard I/O Option

5 GigE Port Option

PacStar 451 Small Server Module

PacStar 451 Small Server Module provides a high performance virtualized appliance for hosting multiple software applications in a compact, quick setup, rugged form factor. Designed for in-theater communications, executive communications, vehicle-mount, entry or forward operating base deployments for military, Homeland Security, first responders, and commercial/enterprise users. PacStar 451 meets size, weight, and power requirements unmatched by other COTS appliances. PacStar 451 is available with a wide variety of pre-loaded, pre-secured, and pre-qualified software applications appropriate for use in the tactical communication applications. These include, but are not limited to:

  • WAN acceleration
  • Unified communications
  • Video transcoding
  • Authentication, domain and directory services

  • IP address management

  • Network management

  • Network routing/switching
  • VPN gateway
  • Traffic filtering firewall
  • Certificate authority

  • SIEM, intrustion detection/prevention, threat analytics

  • Data loss prevention

PacStar 451 is available in a variety of configurations with Intel 4th or 5th generation Core i5/i7 and Xeon processing platforms in both dual-core and quad-core variants. Flexible I/O options let you select the right configuration for your needs. The physical package utilizes the PacStar 400-Series standard module footprint and offers the best in small size, flexible power, and environmental ruggedness.

PacStar 451 Datasheet

PacStar 451 with Riverbed Virtual Steelhead

PacStar 451 with Riverbed Virtual Steelhead provides industry-leading WAN optimization deployed and proven throughout the US Department of Defense and Enterprise customers.  Riverbed Virtual SteelHead delivers built-in security and accelerated performance across the entire network – as if the applications were performing locally.

PacStar 451 with Riverbed Virtual Steelhead providing the following services:

  • WAN optimization for improved application performance and more efficient utilization of WAN bandwidth
  • IT control with quality of service (QoS), path selection and secure transport features
  • Increased visibility with end-user monitoring for all optimized traffic on premises and optimized web and SaaS applications
  • Dynamic selection of the best application path based on network availability
  • Reduced latency with integrated video-ready web caching

As implemented in PacStar 451, Riverbed Virtual Steelhead provides acceleration to complement tactical solutions such as the PacStar 400-series other existing tactical solutions.  Additionally, when deployed on VMware ESXi, the appliance may be managed by untrained administrators using PacStar IQ-Core® Software.

PacStar 451 Aruba VMC Datasheet

**PacStar 451 with Aruba VMC-TACT has been approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) as a certified component for use in the NSA CSfC (Commercial Solutions for Classified) program. Read the full press release here.

PacStar 451 with Aruba Virtual Mobility Controller

PacStar 451 with Aruba VMC is a small form factor, ruggedized network controller providing the following services:

  • Secure network transport with IPSec gateway services
  • Network boundary production with integrated firewall, threat management and content filtering
  • Aruba wireless access point and wireless intuition prevention system management
  • Policy-based routing

PacStar 451 with Aruba VMC can provide one layer of encryption for “Commercial Solutions for Classified” (CSfC) for VPN-based wired and wireless transport of classified information over WAN, LAN and WLAN links. Configured correctly, the unit enables classified communication over untrusted SATCOM, WiFi, Hotel and Cellular infrastructures. PacStar 451 is certified by Aruba Networks as a supported platform for the VMC. It is currently undergoing Common Criteria certification as a combined appliance and is listed on the NSA CSfC components list as both “IPSec VPN Gateway” and “Traffic Filtering Firewall.”

PacStar 451 with REDCOM® Sigma® Core 2.0.1

Sigma Core is REDCOM’s flagship unified communications (UC) and call control software platform that delivers powerful capabilities highly relevant to the government and military, including a robust URI-based call routing engine with full support for AS-SIP. Integrated with PacStar 451, the software can function as a stand-alone Local Session Controller (LSC) or as an adjunct to an existing Enterprise Session Controller (ESC) to deliver advanced voice services such as transcoding and conferencing for red and black networks. The combination of PacStar 400-Series and REDCOM Sigma Core provides dramatically improved capabilities for tactical, expeditionary, and mobile organizations including:

  • Ability to extend voice, chat/XMPP, video conferencing, and unified messaging to the edge of defense networks
  • Ability to interoperate with existing and legacy voice and UC systems, including with coalition partners
  • Conduct communications that need security – utilizing defense-grade, certified encryption of signaling, payload, and authentication and management protocols
  • Ability to physically integrate with existing PacStar 400-Series based deployments, taking advantage of the modular and flexible PacStar 400-Series platform

PacStar 451 with Sonus SBC SWe and VX SWe

PacStar 451 with Sonus SBC SWe and VX SWe can instantly add secure and reliable local communication capabilities at the tactical edge.

PacStar 451 with Sonus SBC SWe* and VX SWe can provide the following services:

  • Local SIP registration for SIP phones and SIP clients

  • 323 to SIP transcoding

  • Support for AS-SIP and MLPP

  • Support for v.150 relay

  • Session and Media Encryption

  • DDoS/Rogue RTP Protection

  • SATCOM Optimization

  • UC Firewall

PacStar 451 with Sonus SBC SWe and VX SWe enables tactical customers to add secure, vendor agnostic Unified Communications capabilities to their tactical network.  The Sonus solution can give customers the capability to locally register any SIP based phone or SIP client, as well as provide seamless connect any IP based radio to the SIP/UC infrastructure.  Beyond that, all communications would be optimized over tactical networks, thus reducing bandwidth and supporting more class in limited bandwidth environments.

*JITC certification pending

PacStar systems, including this product, may be covered by one or more of the following US patents: #8,654,749, #7,817,589, #8,270,325, #9,160,619 #9,225,102. Additional patent(s) pending. See for details.