For teams with requirements to operate PacStar 400-series modules in rack mount installations such as vehicles, tents, or fixed locations that have size, weight and power constraints, PacStar provides systems based on a family of rack mount frames, shelves and chassis. Using a modular, self-contained Smart Chassis, PacStar 400-series modules can be operated in fixed racks in a variety of configurations, removed from racks in groups of enclaves and operated independently, or even operated independently as individual modules.

This modular, scalable packaging system provides flexible options for both small and larger deployments where integrated mechanical and power infrastructure is desired for the PacStar 400-series modules, enabling the solution to adjust and grow as user needs change.

PacStar offers multiple 19” rack mount options for vehicle mount, tent and fixed-location installations. These systems enable the PacStar 400-series modules to quickly transition from a deployable configuration to a more permanent installation configuration, and back again. Options include:

  • 4U 19” Rack Mount Frame (RMF) supporting up to (9) PacStar 400-series modules, mounted in Smart Chassis
  • 1U 19” rack mount shelves, supporting up to (3) modules
  • Vertical rack mounted Smart Chassis including (4) and (5) module versions

400-Series Rack Mount System

The 4U 19” RMF is available separately for customers with high density rack mount requirements.


PacStar offers module level 1U 19” rack mount shelves for customers with space constrained rack mount or transit case requirements. PacStar rack mount shelves support up to (3) PacStar 400-series modules and include AC power brick mounting.


Smart Chassis provide a mechanical and electrical standalone capability to house up to (4) or (5) PacStar modules; and may be mounted inside the RMF or operated independently.

400-Series Mini-Transit Case Systems

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