PacStar 400-Series Environmental Testing

PacStar 400-Series Environmental Testing2017-01-26T14:07:28+00:00

PacStar takes great pride in designing, testing and certifying PacStar products in accordance with customer requirements. We test for performance under heat, load, humidity, transportation vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference / emission.

The PacStar 400-Series is extensively tested by independent accredited test labs with the following credentials:

  • Defense Logistics Association Certification
  • American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA)
  • International Safe Transit Association Certification (ISTA)

In addition to meeting MIL-STD and FCC requirements, PacStar goes above and beyond the test requirements by loading the PacStar 400-Series with real network traffic and computing tasks during the test execution to ensure the modules remain operational amid the strenuous test conditions.

The tables below illustrate some of the key tests (all completed at certified labs), for the PacStar 441 and PacStar 442 modules.

PacStar 441 442 Environmental Testing

The operational tests above were conducted while running IP traffic through the device and monitored for drop outs, errors or other signs of degradation.

The tables below illustrate some key tests, completed at certified labs, for the PacStar 451 SSV in both Intel i5 and Intel i7 variants.

PacStar 451 Environmental Testing

The operational tests were conducted while the servers were loaded with computational tasks consuming 90% or more of the CP, and included solid state disk reads/writes, memory reads/writes, and passing Ethernet traffic. Click below to see a video of our successful vibration testing actually in progress.