PacStar 400-Series Quick Reaction Kit

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The PacStar 400-series Quick Reaction Kit (QRK) is a lightweight modular secure communications package that provides voice, data and video to quick reaction forces, intel teams and combatant commanders. Rugged and functional by design, the system comes with a PacStar 441 SRM router and your choice of a second PacStar 441 SRM for dual network connectivity or a PacStar 442 switch module for network expansion.

Designed with power a flexible power module at the core, the PacStar QRK accepts world-wide AC and wide range DC (10 – 36 V DC). The kit provides clean 12 V to power a KG-250X HAIPE. Its snap-together connectors enable the system to operate off common AN/PRC-148 batteries or BA-5590 and BB-2590 military batteries. The PacStar QRK supports multiple types of backhaul to include hotel, VSAT, Thuraya or the integrated BGAN and 3G/4G access points.

The PacStar 400-series QRK is just one custom example of a wide array of PacStar Compact Case systems providing packaging and transport options for the PacStar 400-series. Options from PacStar include brief-case style, transit case-style, and rack mount solutions, combining the PacStar 400-series modules into complete, deployable solutions.

The PacStar 400-series solutions are optionally managed by IQ-Core® Software, which simplifies system setup, network management and protects the system from misconfiguration by operators in the field.

400-Series QRK