For teams with requirements for small, desktop-placed solutions in quick setup form factors with moderate resistance to environmental damage, PacStar provides systems based on a compact, three module Desktop Chassis suitable for space constrained locations. Using a modular, self-contained chassis system with integrated power supply and radio battery connectors, up to three PacStar 400-Series modules can be configured vertically for space savings and easy transport.

The Desktop Chassis provides a transportable infrastructure for housing and operating up to three PacStar 400-series modules.

  • Custom designed sheet metal chassis with handles (9” x 21” x 14”)
  • Easily fits into a variety of cases that meet FAA maximum carry-on size restrictions
  • Holds up to three PacStar 400-Series modules of any type
  • Includes integrated 100W AC power supply suitable to run 1 or 2 PacStar 451 modules, along with any other PacStar 400-Series module
  • Includes wide-range DC input 10-36 VDC


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