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PacStar Mini-Transit Case Systems

For teams with requirements to transport PacStar 400-Series solutions in scalable, dense, quick setup form factors – with high resistance to environmental damage, PacStar provides systems based on a compact lightweight, custom designed carbon-fiber, rack-mount style Mini-Transit Case. Using a modular, self-contained rack-mount Smart Chassis system, PacStar 400-Series modules can be operated in the Mini-Transit Case, removed in groups of enclaves and operated independently, operated as individual modules, and even mounted in fixed equipment racks.

This modular, scalable packaging infrastructure provides flexible options for both small and larger deployments where integrated mechanical and power infrastructure is desired for the PacStar 400-Series modules, enabling the solution to adjust and grow as user needs change.

Key Features

  • Custom designed carbon fiber transit case with wheels and handle (9” x 21” x 14”)

  • Meets FAA maximum carry-on bag size restrictions

  • Holds multiple Smart Chassis with a maximum (9) module payload – e.g. (1) 4-slot and (1) 5-slot Smart Chassis

  • Removable lids for operation of equipment in the transit case

  • Smart Chassis are user removable and capable of operating outside the transit case; enabling physical separation as required for classified enclaves

These products may be covered by one or more of the following US patents: #8,654,749, #7,817,589, #8,270,325, #9,160,619 #9,225,102. Additional patent(s) pending. See for details.

PacStar 400-Series Packaging Solutions Datasheet

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