PacStar offers a wide array of compact case systems providing packaging and transport options for the PacStar 400-Series, including brief-case style, transit case-style, rack mount solutions, combining the PacStar 400-Series modules into complete, deployable solutions.

Packaging and transport types included in the PacStar 400-Series compact case solutions include:

Based on customer requirements, PacStar will develop custom packaging, mounting and transport solutions. The customized systems below are now available for purchase.

PacStar 400-Series Mini-Transit Case Systems

For teams with requirements to transport PacStar 400-Series solutions in scalable, dense, quick setup form factors – with high resistance to environmental damage…Continue reading →
Mini-Transit Case Systems

PacStar 400-Series Desktop Chassis

For teams with requirements for small, desktop-placed solutions in quick setup form factors PacStar created a compact, three module Desktop Chassis suitable …Continue reading →


PacStar 400-Series Pelican Case Systems

For small teams with requirements to carry PacStar 400-Series modules in the smallest possible footprint, in fly-away or temporary deployments…Continue reading →
Pelican Case Systems

PacStar 400-Series Rack Mount Systems

For teams with requirements to operate PacStar 400-Series modules in rack mount installations such as vehicles, tents, or fixed locations that have size/weight and power constraints…Continue reading →

Rack Mount Systems

PacStar 400-Series Quick Reaction Kit

The PacStar 400-Series Quick Reaction Kit (QRK) is a lightweight modular secure communications package that provides voice, data and video to quick reaction forces, intel teams and…Continue reading →



PacStar 400-Series Mobile Network Communication Kit

The PacStar Mobile Network Communication Kit is a modular fly away kit designed to support US Forces and Coalition Partners on CENTRIXS, BICES and US BICES networks…Continue reading →.


PacStar systems, including these products may be covered by one or more of the following US patents: #8,654,749 #7,817,589,  #8,270,325,  #9,160,619,  #9,225,102.  Additional patent(s) pending. See for details.

PacStar 400-Series Modules