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PacStar 1410 provides Wide Area Network (WAN) communications acceleration and bandwidth optimization in a small, tactical form factor. Designed for in-theater communications, executive communications, vehicle-mount, early entry, or forward operating base deployments for military, Homeland Security, first responders, and commercial/enterprise users. PacStar 1410 meets size, weight, and power requirements unmatched by other COTS appliances, and now includes an integrated hardware-based Fail-to-Wire capability.

PacStar 1410 includes an exclusive, integrated, 2-port Fail-to-Wire NIC that automatically switches to “pass-through” mode in the event of power, hardware or software failure. Providing continuous connectivity enables the PacStar 1410 to be placed in networks “in-line” without introducing additional single-points failure and without requiring changes to router or switch configurations.