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PacStar 1000-Series Tactical Computing

Ultra-lightweight, small form factor appliances designed to deploy a broad range of computing services while minimizing size, weight and power (SWaP).

Designed for executive communications, rapid response, early entry or joint task-force applications prior to the installation of sustaining communications, PacStar 1000-Series meets size, weight and power requirements unmatched by any other COTS devices. PacStar 1000-Series is designed to complement PacStar’s 2000-Series and 4000-Series  of industry-leading tactical & deployable communications systems. It also runs standalone or in combination with any existing IP-based communication systems.

PacStar is working with OEMs and software developers to create a dedicated line of pre-packaged, pre-tested and secured PacStar 1000 appliances that provide computing/networking services such as WAN optimization, VoIP Call Management/Session Control, Collaboration, Video Transcoding, RoIP management and more.

Weighing less than 2 lbs, and measuring 6.75″ x 5.10″ x 1.70″ – the PacStar 1000-Series is a compelling choice for organizations that need to quickly deploy communications in theater.