PacStar 3000-Series

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Tactical Radio Packages

The PacStar 3000-series products are based upon tactical/handheld radios that are used for in-field communications by military, civilian and enterprise communicators. Designed to provide flexible and multiple use cases, the PacStar 3000-series products can be customized to integrate a wide variety of accessories. The 3000-series products provide voice and data access, along with multiple reachback modes, antennas, and power supplies – providing maximum flexibility with minimized size, weight and power.

PacStar 3700 TacSat Nano

The PacStar 3700 is a lightweight, compact, and flexible package that provides multiband/broadband voice and data (HPW, ANW2), as well as legacy narrow band waveforms such as SINCGARS and VHF/UHF. The system also provides ViaSat messaging services and RoIP in a single case, easy-to-use solution. The system provides maximum flexibility for US Department of Defense, homeland security, emergency responders, and state and local agency personnel.

PacStar 4510 Dual ESR Commander Kit

The PacStar 3700 is designed to provide three distinct use scenarios:

  • SATCOM-based HF radio using the AN/PRC-152, 152A or RF-310M handsets with external amplifiers and antennas,
  • Radio-over-IP and radio interoperability (providing IP access and interoperability between up to six RF networks),
  • “Grab and Go” tactical radio with quick release and mobile accessories providing soldier handset service.

The all-in-one integrated system provides worldwide AC/DC power input options, battery backup, and a variety of antennas, amplifiers and cables enabling the system to meet a wide array of mission requirements including SATCOM communications IP-BASED WAN/LAN interoperability.