The PacStar 1210 provides Wide Area Network (WAN) communications acceleration and bandwidth optimization in a small, tactical form factor. Designed for in-theater communications, executive communications, vehicle-mount, early-entry, or forward operating base deployments for Military, Homeland Security, First Responders and Commercial/Enterprise users, the PacStar 1210 meets size, weight and power requirements unmatched by any other Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) appliance. The PacStar 1210 provides industry-leading WAN optimization based on Riverbed Steelhead® technology, which is deployed and proven throughout the US Department of Defense and Enterprise customers.

The PacStar 1410 provides enhanced capabilities beyond the PacStar 1210, meeting more demanding WAN optimization and in-theater computing requirements. The PacStar 1410 provides twice the computing performance, twice the memory capacity (up to 8 GB), and twice the memory speed of the PacStar 1210.