PacStar® has a range of products and services to meet our customers’ demanding technologically advanced communications challenges. We sell and install not only Enterprise IT communications solutions from leading vendors, but we have our own lines of hardware and software products, including IQ-Core® Software for intuitive communications equipment management, and our Deployable Communications Packages, such as our PacStar 400-Series modular communications to support military and commercial field operations. We invite you to contact us to discuss your communications needs.

IQ-Core® Software

IQ-Core Software is a robust communications management software platform with powerful features that make operating suites of diverse communications equipment and the underlying software quick and easy to learn, faster and more reliable.  Originally designed to meet the stringent demands of tactical and enterprise deployments for the US DoD, the National Guard, and state and local emergency responders, field proven IQ-Core Software is appropriate for all situations where the need for reliable communications equipment management is imperative.

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PacStar Deployable Communications Products

PacStar has developed its own branded tactical and deployable lightweight portable communications systems using a customer-centric approach to designing integrated systems that meet WarFighter, first responder, and now commercial demands. We apply our extensive engineering expertise to develop low SWaP, quick-to-deploy solutions, starting with best-of-breed COTS hardware and software. Combined with our patented IQ-Core Software, our tactical and deployable communications systems provide an unmatched level of integration and performance.

PacStar tactical and expeditionary network communications systems are ideal for mobile military communications, disaster preparedness or disaster response, continuity of operations (COOP), mobile patrol applications, and remote or backup commercial operations.

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CSfC Solutions

The U.S. National Security Agency has a program known as Commercial Solutions for Classified (“CSfC”) that certifies COTS communication equipment for use in transmission and processing of classified information. The program’s goal is to move the government to use commercial encryption equipment and software, rather than continuing to rely on government-developed solutions. Configuring and testing hardware and software to NSA requirements can be time-consuming and error prone.

PacStar provides a suite of components, systems and services for use with CSfC solutions. Our IQ-Core Software CSfC Plug-in provides quick and easy management of the suite of software and hardware needed for successful CSfC system operation. Combined with our small form factor hardware, PacStar can provide readily deployable “off-the-shelf” solutions for a variety of CSfC capability packages and use cases. For our Enterprise IT customers, we can work with your professionals to design and configure enterprise solutions to support your communications requirements.

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Enterprise IT Solutions

In addition to our own branded products, PacStar makes available to its customers a wide range of advanced IP based communications solutions from leading suppliers. PacStar takes a “mission-critical” approach to solving complex communications challenges. We apply our engineering expertise and strategic partnerships with leading hardware and software suppliers to procure, deliver, integrate, test, and certify secure network systems for the most demanding applications. Check out our capabilities across a wide range of Enterprise IT products and services:

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