PacStar Introduces Two New 400-Series Packaging Options

/PacStar Introduces Two New 400-Series Packaging Options

Introducing Two New PacStar 400-Series Packaging Options

PacStar’s mechanical engineering department’s on a roll!  We’re pleased to announce two more additions to the already extensive array of packaging and transport options available in the PacStar 400-Series lineup.

For teams with requirements for small, desktop-placed solutions in quick setup form factors – with moderate resistance to environmental damage, PacStar created a three module Desktop Chassis suitable for space constrained locations. With integrated power supply and radio battery connectors, up to three PacStar 400-Series modules can be configured vertically for space savings and easy transport.  Learn more…

For teams that need to deploy KG-250X or IPS-250X for access to classified or HAIPE encrypted networks, PacStar created the PacStar 411 HAIPE Sled.  The PacStar 411 adapts ViaSat® high-speed KG-250X and IPS-250X HAIPE IP network encryption (INE) devices to integrate into PacStar 400-Series compact case solutions. The combination creates complete network packages that include HAIPE encryption for secret and top-secret network access while taking advantage of the PacStar 400-Series modularity and power infrastructure.  Learn more…

The PacStar 400-series family of small communications modules is designed to maximum capabilities and configuration flexibility, with the smallest SWaP possible. The PacStar 400-Series includes routing, switching, advanced network services and more – in lightweight packaging designed with a wide variety of power options. The PacStar 400-Series uses IQ-Core® Software to simplify setup and operation.

For more information about the entire PacStar 400-Series module communications system or other PacStar products visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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