PacStar Granted Patent for Software-Managed Broadband Communications System

/PacStar Granted Patent for Software-Managed Broadband Communications System

PacStar Granted Patent for Manufacturing, Deploying and Repairing Deployable, Software-Managed Broadband Communications System New Patented, Software-Managed, Modular Technologies Speed Deployment and Reduce Cost for Deployed Communications.

PacStarTM, a technology-based provider of communications solutions to the military and government agencies, announced that it has been granted a new patent for the “systems and methods for establishing IT services in edge environments” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

PacStar has been granted U.S. patent number 7,817,589 for a mobile, integrated communications system establishing a self-supported broadband communication network contained in ruggedized transit cases managed by PacStar’s IQ-CoreTM Software. This technology is deployed throughout PacStar’s portfolio of advanced, deployable unified communications equipment based on Cisco Systems hardware/software and third-party commercial-off-the-self networking/communications equipment. It is designed for military, homeland security, disaster recovery and enterprise customers.

The invention represents a fundamental shift in the methods organizations can use to deploy advanced communications. By including IQ-Core Software technologies in deployable communication solutions, organizations are now able to deploy and repair the most advanced commercial-off-the-self networking technologies without the need for highly trained field operators. IQ-Core Software automates difficult networking tasks that are prone to errors in setup and mis-configuration. IQ-Core Software improves setup time and system uptime by simplifying complex configuration tasks. IQ-Core Software is especially valuable in reducing the complexity of tasks related to the deployment of unified communications solutions that provide voice, data, video and application services in the field. Using the IQ-Core Case technologies included in PacStar products, operators may now deploy and repair complex systems using easy-to-
use “tray”-based field repairable units – modular units that enable rapid replacement of entire networking devices and associated electronics. Combined with IQ-Core Software, this approach to field dramatically reduces the “mean-time-to-repair” for the most complex of networking/communications solutions.

The technology was developed and patented by PacStar’s award winning product development team responsible for the creation of innovative solutions to meet complex customer requirements. This marks the third patent awarded to PacStar’s IQ-Core Technologies and demonstrates PacStar commitment to advancing the state-of-the-art.

“The government and U.S. military increasing relies on broadband unified communications in the field. However, the number and complexity of services being deployed is rapidly out-pacing organizations’ abilities to train personnel to support advanced technologies. PacStar IQ-Core Software and IQ-Core Case working together reduce that complexity trend, enabling more widespread deployment of advanced, unified communications,” said Charlie Kawasaki, Chief Technology Officer of PacStar. “Many agencies are using PacStar’s powerful, wizard-based approach in an easily transportable, secure communications package. This invention addressed their needs.”

The invention is embodied in PacStar’s broad product family of software-managed deployable communications solutions, including the PacStar 6300 and PacStar 5500 solutions, which deliver Defense Switched Network (DSN) voice and data services. The packages can also provide access to data networks (such as NIPRNet and SIPRNet) and are configurable based on user requirements.

“Providing reliable, quick-to-set-up access to the defense network ensures our soldiers
are effectively able to respond to any level of conflict or disaster worldwide,” said Kawasaki.

Many of the methods and technologies used in the invention have also been adapted by PacStar into PacStar’s diverse product line, including the PacStar 4500 Commander Kit, the PacStar 4100 Initial Entry Package, and the PacStar 6800 SMEO.

PacStar maintains a diverse portfolio of intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and technological know-how. In particular, PacStar frequently applies for patents in the United States to protect its inventions. PacStar has applied for patents in a variety of areas including management software technologies and deployed communications ruggedization technologies.

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