/PacStar Announces New 455 Tactical Hyper-Convergence Module

PacStar Announces New 455 Tactical Hyper-Convergence Module

PacStar is pleased to announce the PacStar 455 Tactical Hyper-Convergence Module. The PacStar 455 provides a high performance virtualization/compute, networking and storage platform for forward deploying applications or network services as well as network attached storage in a compact, quick setup, and rugged form factor. It’s an ideal platform for a wide variety of edge use cases in forward deployed settings including:

• General purpose NAS storage
• Advanced datacenter or cloud replication and application performance acceleration
• Satellite/GIS imagery caching
• Video serving/storage
• Cybersecurity applications with large storage requirements such as SIEM, DLP, or threat analytics
• WAN optimization

The PacStar 455 includes high-performance Intel XEON processors, enterprise-class RAID protected SSD storage (up to 32 TB), and 5x GiGE ports – offering computing, storage and networking in a single ruggedized package.  In addition to being an ideal platform to deploy legacy compute and storage intensive applications, this convergence of capabilities enables tactical deployment of a new breed of hybrid applications and services, without the complexity and overhead of a SAN. With best-in-class size, weight and power, the PacStar 455 is unmatched in its ability to deploy hyper-convergence at the edge.

The PacStar 455 adds to our growing line of 400-Series modular solutions that include routing, switching/access, firewalls, CSfC-capable encryption gateways, wireless controllers and more, for classified and unclassified networks. The PacStar 400-Series is ideal for in-theater operations, vehicle-mount, early-entry or forward operating base deployments for military, Homeland Security, first responders, and commercial enterprise users.

The physical package of the PacStar 455 utilizes the PacStar 400-Series standard module form factor and patented interconnect and can be easily integrated into a wide array of system packaging options for the PacStar 400-Series, including brief-case style, transit case-style, and backpack-style transport options.

To learn more about the PacStar 455 visit the PacStar website or contact us at info@pacstar.com.  And don’t forget you can stay up do date with PacStar and industry news by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.