PacStar Announces Availability of PacStar 451 with Hypori ACE Server

/PacStar Announces Availability of PacStar 451 with Hypori ACE Server

Collaboration enables ground breaking tactical, mobile device access
technology for use on classified networks


Portland, OR — October 28, 2015 –  PacStar®, a leading developer and supplier of advanced communications solutions for defense, commercial, and industrial markets, and Hypori, the leader in Android-based Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) technologies, announced today the availability of the PacStar 451 with Hypori ACE server.

The PacStar 451 with Hypori ACE Server is a small form factor, ruggedized VMI platform that enables wireless access to apps running on the PacStar 451. When combined with additional NSA-required equipment, also available from PacStar, it provides one layer of encryption for “Commercial Solutions for Classified” (CSfC) solutions using a TLS-based architecture and enables wireless transport of classified information over LAN, WLAN and WAN links.

Hypori’s VMI platform includes an ACE Client and an ACE Server. The ACE Client is a single app that runs on iOS, Android, and Windows-based mobile devices and tablets. The app supports secure remote access to a virtual mobile device running on the ACE Server, which in this case is deployed on the PacStar 451. The VMI platform is analogous to VDI, but optimized to deliver a rich mobile-first experience. The Hypori ACE Server is listed on NSA’s CSfC approved components list and the PacStar 451 is certified by Hypori as a supported platform.

“PacStar’s ability to deliver our technology in a light weight, compact form factor, combined with their extensive suite of tactical hardware and software solutions enables us to meet tactical requirements we could not meet on our own,” said Justin Martin, Hypori chief executive officer.

The combination of the PacStar 451 and Hypori ACE Server provides dramatically improved capabilities for tactical and mobile organizations including:

  • Access to hundreds of thousands COTS mobile apps
  • Ability to deploy standard commercial smart phones and tablets for secure and even classified communications
  • Eliminating data-at-rest security issues through a thin client architecture where all data and apps stay on the PacStar 451
  • Ability to use cellular, Wi-Fi, and other commercial or untrusted networks using dual, NSA CSfC compliant encryption

“Our customers are thrilled with Hypori’s ability to deliver mobile apps in a CSfC-capable configuration, using COTS devices, which avoids having to certify each and every app. This reduces costs while delivering secure mobility just as promised,” said Peggy Miller, PacStar chief executive officer.



About PacStar

Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (PacStar®) is a leading technology-based systems integrator that delivers advanced, reliable and interoperable tactical and enterprise communications systems to the military, federal, state and local government agencies, as well as emergency responders. The company’s patented IQ-Core® Software and hardware technology and integration/installation services provide secure, command, control and communications systems – particularly in remote or infrastructure starved areas. In addition, PacStar’s unified and tactical network communications systems are ideally suited for commercial sector organizations with mission-critical, complex communications requirements. For additional information, please visit


About Hypori

Created in partnership with the US DoD, Hypori is the first virtual handset manufacturer and the market leader in Virtual Mobile Infrastructure. The Hypori ACE platform provides remote access to mobile virtual devices running in the cloud (private or hybrid), with a full mobile application user experience. All apps and data remain in the cloud, with no data at rest on the local mobile device.

Hypori integrates with an enterprise’s existing EMM investments and IT ecosystem, such as directories, system configuration, monitoring and auditing. As a ‘mobile first’ thin client platform, VMI also compliments existing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) systems. Accessible from Android and iOS devices, it reduces the complexity of app development as well as the security and privacy implications from enabling access from employee personally owned mobile devices.



 PacStar Press Contact:

Pacific Star Communications, Inc.

Nicki O’Brien

Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 503-403-3000 x257


Hypori Press Contact

FOLIO Communications Group, LLC.

Cybele Diamandopoulos




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