PacStar Announces Availability of IQ-Core® Software Version 3.4 for Tactical Kits

/PacStar Announces Availability of IQ-Core® Software Version 3.4 for Tactical Kits

New network management, diagnostic capabilities aid military engaged in rapid deployment communications operations


PacStar®, a leading developer of advanced communications solutions for the US Department of Defense, today announced that it has released IQ-Core® Software version 3.4 for its tactical communications solutions.  This new software release, initially available on the PacStar 4100 IEP/RRK platform, delivers powerful new network management and diagnostic tools to first-in communicators and warfighters operating in rugged battlefield environments.

IQ-Core Software, PacStar’s flagship technology, significantly simplifies system setup and management, protects the system from mis-configuration by preventing user errors, and reduces training and support requirements. IQ-Core Software v3.4 delivers additional capabilities to communications operators and specialists:

  • New Diagnostic Tools including a real-time bandwidth utilization monitor that enables communications operators to examine and export the bandwidth utilization on any port or interface of the Cisco routers and switches included in their PacStar solution.   As a result operators can quickly access critical information for troubleshooting and performance purposes. 

  • Advanced Troubleshooting Tools including a phone-circuit, end-to-end analysis tool enabling operators to detect and repair common configuration problems when setting up Cisco VoIP systems in remote locations.

  • Powerful Configuration Management enhancements, including the ability to backup switch and router configurations on a daily basis, and automatically when configuration changes are detected.   Version 3.4 also includes a side-by-side comparison view, easing the ability to review/edit changes.

  • Enhanced Customization including easy-to-use wizards that provide advanced communications specialists with the ability to create “scripts” that automate router, switch and port configuration.  With a transparent user interface, IQ-Core Software assists entry-level operators in learning underlying command-line interfaces of the equipment, reducing the likelihood of mis-configuration of systems in the field.

  • Assistance for Operators in Training and Learning including operator-visible “preview” and operator-visible execution of advanced scripting commands, reinforcing training of advanced command syntax, while providing easy-to-use wizard-based user interfaces

  • Integration of Additional Communications Equipment for Field Use through an extension of the number and types of equipment managed by IQ-Core Software.  New features include the integration with Cisco’s G2 series of ISR routers, Cisco’s 5915 ESR router, Nexus HAWK cellular/Wi-Fi/3G gateway, and support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.x and 8.x APIs.

  • Improved Cisco VoIP Phone Provisioning through a simplified and user-customizable “add phone” wizard – allowing operators to speed the provision of phones.

“With the release of this software, PacStar continues to innovate and demonstrate our commitment to helping warfighters succeed in their missions,” said Bob Dunn, chief executive officer of PacStar.  “PacStar continues to work very closely with our partners and customers to identify and build solutions around the most critical challenges faced by military organizations.”

PacStar develops rapid-deployment communications equipment for the US DoD in small, soldier-portable solutions.  Comprising IP-based network, security, voice and satcom equipment, PacStar solutions provide all of the communications capabilities that in-theater teams need for access to one or more networks such as NIPRNet, SIPRNet, JWICS, CENTRIXS, and BICES. With the announcement of IQ-Core Software v3.4, teams of deployed personnel can maximize the effectiveness of data communications, while continuing to field ever-more complex systems.

“As more and more military organizations rely on IQ-Core Software for tactical communications, PacStar will continue to drive innovation and capabilities that enhance the user experience in a meaningful way,” added Charlie Kawasaki, chief technology officer of PacStar. 

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