PacStar® Launches PacStar 1414 Tactical Session Controller with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.6

/PacStar® Launches PacStar 1414 Tactical Session Controller with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.6

PacStar ultra-small tactical appliance reduces size, weight and power solution for IP-based voice/video & communications control

PacStar®, a leading developer of advanced communications solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD),today announced the availability of the PacStar 1414 Tactical Session Controller with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) 8.6. The PacStar 1414 is an ultra-lightweight, compact, and efficient computing appliance designed to enable quick deployment of powerful Cisco-based communications solutions for DoD, Homeland Security, and Civilian agencies.

Based on PacStar’s extensive experience integrating and deploying Cisco UCM for the US DoD, Homeland Security and Civilian agencies, Cisco has entered into an agreement to support PacStar’s integration of Cisco UCM onto the PacStar 1414. This collaboration ensures that customers gain support and resources necessary for successful deployment, and ensures the system performs to requirements.

The PacStar 1414 is designed to provide the power of Cisco UCM 8.6.1 – including extensive enterprise Unified Communications capabilities such as secure VoIP/VTC call control with HD support, messaging, mobility, and extensive interoperability with IP and TDM technologies. Cisco UCM 8.6.1 has proven security and interoperability capabilities as tested by the US DoD Joint Interoperability Test Command, and is now on the approved product list (APL) for deployment as a local session controller. Using the combination of the PacStar 1414 with Cisco UCM 8.6.1, the deployed communicator can reduce the size and complexity of equipment needed to deploy IP-based voice/video services – saving time and money, and more effectively meeting mission requirements.

“We’re excited to have a new, innovative solution for Cisco UCM that reduces SWaP for the Warfighter” said Patrick S. Finn, senior vice president, US public sector, Cisco, Inc. “Cisco UCM has proven itself as in invaluable communications platform in the field, for many years – and we’re pleased to respond to customer requests to find ever smaller/lighter ways to deploy it.”

“PacStar has a deep background in integration, deployment, service and support of Cisco UCM-based solutions, including the development and fielding of multiple UCM-based, enterprise scale, JITC-certified solutions” said Bob Dunn, chief executive officer, PacStar. “We’re delighted to apply our expertise to solutions that uniquely meet deployed WarFighter challenges.”

The PacStar 1414, available from PacStar today, is a small form-factor appliance weighing less than 2 lbs., providing the computing power to support up to 250 VoIP/unified communications users. It features a removable solid state drive, providing flexibility to meet information security requirements, and can run on world-wide AC or DC power. At 12 times smaller, and 14 times lighter than a typical 1U server, and 12 times smaller and 10.5 times lighter than a Cisco 2911 ISR G2 router, the PacStar 1414 provides tremendous transportation and deployment benefits for first in, small teams.

The PacStar 1414 can be deployed standalone, with existing organization’s systems, or in combination with one of PacStar’s extensive family of Cisco-based deployable communications products such as the PacStar 2000 or 4000-series of baseband solutions. The PacStar 1414 is 1U in height, and can be easily rack or vehicle mounted, or transported in suitcase-based solutions.

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