/New Tech Improves, Hardens WIN-T Network
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New Tech Improves, Hardens WIN-T Network

July 18, 2017 | Scout Media

“The Army is integrating an emerging software product for its Warfighter Information Network – Tactical Satcom communications system that increases protections and adds a key interface between otherwise less-connected nodes on the network.

The software, called IQ-Core, helps harden the network against cyber intrusions, jamming and electronic warfare attacks by providing a computer “layer” engineered for enhanced interoperability between various elements of the WIN-T network. This creates more synergy and an improved user interface, industry developers said….”

Source: http://scout.com/military/warrior/Article/US-Army-Armored-Vehicles-Get-Upgraded-WIN-T-Satcom-Network-on-th-103101583

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