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The communications failures experienced during recent disasters makes a persuasive case for implementation of rugged, mobile emergency communications systems for state and local governments and disaster response agencies. Homeland security-affected agencies also need these systems for surveillance and notification improvements in order to protect transportation and public utility infrastructures. However, many of the communications systems that have been proposed since 9/11 have been impractical, unreliable, and/or too costly to implement.

PacStar Deployable Communications Products meet the needs of state and local governments and emergency responders with:

  • Secure IP-based voice, data, and video emergency communications for individuals or large groups, even when all standard communications infrastructures are unavailable
  • Flexible, expandable, and customizable configurations that meet agency needs for specific communications capabilities
  • Rugged, portable cases that are easily stored, moved, and used in the harshest of environments
  • Easy setup and operation, even by minimally trained personnel
  • Cost-effective solutions for disaster preparedness training and disaster response