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Increasingly under attack, today’s IT systems need more protection than ever before.  Daily reports of data breaches, insider threats, network and security system flaws paint a clear picture that organizations must stay vigilant and update to date with best cybersecurity practices.

The continual evolution and innovation in threats also means organizations can’t sit still, but instead must engage in cybersecurity continuous improvement through both technology and process upgrades.  Gone are the days that simple perimeter protection was enough, anything short of defense-in-depth is inadequate.

PacStar Secure Tactical Networking

PacStar develops hardware and software solutions for secure networking and computing at the edge, based on over 15 years’ experience providing solutions to US DoD tactical networking programs. Our solutions are available in a wide variety of form factors and are capable of easy integration with existing customer or integrator solutions, and are available from PacStar in fully integrated and operational standalone systems. PacStar solutions:

  • Are battlefield-proven and rugged
  • Extensively certified and tested
  • Deliver advanced IP-based virtualized network functions
  • Provide security from the start
  • Integrate industry best technologies
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PacStar 400-Series Modular Communications

Modular, small form factor, DoD-rugged deployable networking solutions for mobile and harsh environments. Modules include secure Routing/Switching, IPsec gateways, Firewalls, and the ability to deploy just about any x86-based virtualized cybersecurity software.
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PacStar IQ-Core® Software

Management/maintenance and configuration software designed to simplify the deployment of best-of-breed equipment and technologies from multiple cybersecurity vendors in harsh/deployed environments.
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PacStar CSfC Solutions

Secure software and hardware specifically designed to meet NSA “Commercial Solutions for Classified” requirements, enabling transmission of classified information over untrusted networks.
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PacStar Enterprise Cybersecurity

PacStar provides an extensive line of cybersecurity solutions in network encryption, wireless transmission, perimeter protection, and authentication to help bolster your organization’s information assurance posture, through our Advanced Technology Solutions division. Since 2000, PacStar has worked with DoD Bases, Municipalities, Hospitals, Universities, and First Responders providing WAN, WLAN and branch-office network security solutions.

Providing a wide array of solutions from industry leading OEMs including Aruba, Brocade, Cisco, Fidelis, and Palo Alto, PacStar can meet just about any network security requirement. Our certified network and security engineers have extensive experience configuring equipment to meet US Federal and DoD standards.

We have expertise and partnerships in areas including:

  • Network authentication/authorization
  • Firewall, IDS/IPS, UTM
  • VPN gateways and clients
  • Data loss prevention
  • Wireless security
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PacStar Enteprise IT Solutions

Datacenter rackmount solutions for fixed installation based on COTS networking equipment.
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