Rapid advancements in network and wireless access technologies, combined with rapid proliferation of distributed computing devices, IoT and sensors is enabling data collection, processing, and application availability in more ways than ever before. A wide array of use cases, from critical safety to optimization of operations, end-to-end process control, IP communications with voice and video and traditional business processes automation can be delivered more broadly than ever, enabling companies to gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

However, to take maximum advantage of the benefits these types of applications, industries are faced with challenging decisions related to cybersecurity, network architecture, technology platforms, all the while meeting environmental and safety requirements. PacStar provides networking solutions and technologies designed to optimize networking and computing for demanding commercial applications, ensuring technology delivers in its potential.

PacStar Rugged Networking for Industrial Operations

PacStar develops hardware and software solutions for secure networking and computing at the network edge, based on over 15 years’ experience providing solutions to US DoD tactical networking programs. Our solutions are available in a wide variety of form factors and are capable of easy integration with existing customer or integrator solutions, and are available from PacStar in fully integrated and operational standalone systems. PacStar solutions:

  • Are battlefield-proven and rugged
  • Extensively certified and tested
  • Deliver advanced IP-based virtualized network functions
  • Provide security from the start
  • Integrate industry best technologies
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PacStar Mining Solutions

PacStar designs and manufactures networking products to transport data from the edge to the enterprise network. Highly ruggedized, small form factor networking solutions can be fitted directly to mining platforms at the extraction point in ‘last mile’ applications for underground mining, where network access has not been possible before.
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PacStar Oil & Gas Solutions

PacStar develops ruggedized, small form factor hardware solutions optimized for size, weight, and variable power conditions to support all forms of oil and gas operations. PacStar solutions are ideal for enabling web connectivity, drilling instrumentation capture, data telemetry, production monitoring, voice or radio-over-IP, and video surveillance.
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PacStar Transportation Solutions

PacStar develops and manufactures hardware and software solutions to enable enhanced networking capabilities from the network operations center to the wayside bungalows, and to onboard the trains. Our rugged, small form factor hardware solutions are optimized for size, weight, and variable power conditions to support all forms of rail transportation operations such as wireless web connectivity, data telemetry, network traffic analysis and video surveillance.
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PacStar Enterprise IT Solutions

PacStar provides an extensive line of networking, wireless, unified communications and cybersecurity solutions enabling your organization to capture the benefits of advanced technology and it’s benefits, through our Enterprise IT Solutions division. Since 2000, PacStar has worked with DoD Bases, Municipalities, Hospitals, Universities, and First Responders providing WAN, LAN, WLAN and branch-office network and computing solutions.

We have expertise and partnerships in areas including:

Providing a wide array of solutions from industry leading OEMs including Aruba, Brocade, Cisco, Fidelis, Riverbed and Palo Alto, PacStar can meet just about any network-at-the-edge requirement. Our certified network and security engineers have extensive experience configuring equipment to meet US Federal and DoD standards.