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View your entire network through a single pane of glass, while sharing views and access to deployed operators at any echelon, to create a collaborative, hierarchical, network operations and management structure

Key Benefits

IQ-Core ROAM integrates with IQ-Core Network Communications Manager (NCM) and IQ-Core Crypto Manager (CM) to offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities across distributed networks. IQ-Core ROAM can run at any tier and any node in a network, and ads the following capabilities:

  • Optimized for Situational Awareness of Tactical and Distributed Networks
    Provides enhanced network situational awareness at the core and edge of the tactical and distributed enterprise networks, with extensive real-time visibility of connected nodes. Operates seamlessly in a disconnected, intermittent, and limited (DIL) environments.

  • Intuitive User Interface
    Provides an intuitive user interface at upper network tiers (echelons) and NOCs that mirrors remote systems, making navigation and management throughout the network easy and consistent.

  • Automates Cyber Defenses
    Improves cyber visibility by securing, consolidating and forwarding alerting information at each tier of the network.

  • Field Proven
    Based on the widely deployed PacStar IQ-Core® Software communications management platform.

  • Reduces Configuration Errors
    Automates deployment of network planning and device configuration files across the network, ensuring consistent configuration all network devices.

Solution Architecture

IQ-Core ROAM operates at multiple tiers in a distributed network, including the NOC, at remote sites, and on every network node at the edge of the network. System administrators in the NOC have the same view and features as system operators. Network nodes can be remote offices or sites, tent-based command posts, vehicle-mobile command posts, or small fly-away-kits – frequently connected via SATCOM or unreliable WAN links.

IQ-Core ROAM Data Sheet

Auto-Generated Network Diagrams

  • Auto-generated diagrams showing the structure of hierarchical nodes as managed by IQ-Core ROAM

  • Ability to drill down through all layers of the hierarchy, from NOC to End User Device and all nodes in between

  • See important data at-a-glance for all ROAM managed devices, in the diagram, in a single view

Mission Diagrams

  • Unlimited number of dashboard views that show data important for an enterprise, mission, exercise, or test

  • Rich data via widgets: status, interfaces, latencies, flows, bandwidth, resources, maps, etc.

  • ‘Last Reported Info’ report, even if a node has been unreachable for extended periods of time

Remote Node Status + Management

  • Real-time views of node and device status including interfaces and alerts

  • At-a-glance diagram views allow drill-down and launching of a complete administrative interface to a node – enabling full remote management of remote nodes

  • Views of nodes that are out-of-date, the ability to remotely update them.

Aggregated Node Reports

  • Uptime/downtime across nodes

  • Bandwidth usage across nodes

  • Flow analysis across nodes

Distributed Configuration Management

  • Send any file or network device configurations to one or more nodes

  • Generate, issue, and send digital certificates to one or more nodes

  • Optionally automatically activate (apply) a configuration, OS update, or other content

  • View the configuration of remote nodes, from upper tiers

  • Update IQ-Core Software remotely on any node

Secure Messaging

  • Inline messaging from remote site to any node to assist with trouble shooting and updating

  • Encrypted via IQ-Core ROAM management protocol

  • Multiple simultaneous messaging sessions and group messaging