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Key Benefits

Originally designed to meet the stringent demands of tactical and enterprise deployments for the US DoD, the National Guard, and state and local emergency responders, IQ-Core NCM provides the following field-proven, key benefits:

  • Technology Optimized for the Edge
    Unlike enterprise network management software packages that prove too complex for all but the most advanced IT personnel to configure and manage, PacStar developed IQ-Core NCM to manage products and technology “outside-in,” creating an intuitive user experience for the user.

  • A Unified View
    IQ-Core NCM provides network monitoring and diagnostics in a unified interface with real-time snapshot of the health of the network, and ability to provide backup and restorations of entire network.

  • Adapts to User Level
    While IQ-Core NCM is designed for non-specialists, it offers the flexibility and capabilities to meet the needs of advanced power users. For more advanced ‘power’ users, IQ-Core NCM provides command line access and automation from a single solution, enabling advanced IT professionals to complete tasks faster.

  • Drives Down Costs
    Deploy Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solutions and reduce the number of communication specialists required to stand up and manage communications equipment while minimizing the training required to operate equipment. Saves costs compared to pushing enterprise network management software down to edge operations.
  • Enhances Ability to Meet Mission Objectives
    Reduces setup time – allowing comms. to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Improves up-time – allowing personnel to focus on fighting the fight, not fighting the network.
  • Vendor-Agnostic Interoperability
    Unlike many enterprise software solutions that only integrate with specific product families and lock customers into one path, IQ-Core NCM integrates with a broad range of tactical and enterprise communications hardware and systems, enabling organizations to easily upgrade, replace, or reconfigure deployable systems.

IQ-Core Crypto Manager

The National Security Agency (NSA) has launched the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program enabling organizations to transmit classified information (up to Top Secret) using commercial-grade encryption solutions. CSfC solutions, which must include two layers of Suite B cryptography from two different platforms, enable access to classified information using inexpensive, commercial technologies.

IQ-Core Crypto Manager can overcome the added complexity and training burden imposed by the two layers of CSfC encryption by simplifying the setup, configuration, and management of the underlying equipment used in CSfC solutions.

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Powerful Features Assisting
Enterprise IT Professionals

In addition to providing ease-of-use capabilities for lightly-trained operators, advanced IT administrators benefit from IQ-Core NCM’s power as well. Through the integration of many devices into one unified view, IQ-Core NCM saves time, hassle, and helps avoid misconfiguration – by unifying access to network/communications device, and automating bulk/routine and repetitive tasks that are prone to error through typos or other “moving too fast” errors.

  • Bandwidth utilization graphs & reports – for troubleshooting
  • 24×7 unattended, remote monitoring – enabling systems to be fielded to harsh/austere environments without advanced IT professional in-field attendance
  • Built in, advanced console/terminal – with auto-login and integrated communications channels (reducing IA issues)
  • Command-line scripting – enabling automation of repetitive tasks
  • Unified SYSLOG receiver – collecting alerts in a single location in the field, reducing bandwidth consumption
  • Change audit log – enabling review of changes by entry-level operators
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Custom System Development

IQ-Core NCM is available to Programs, LSIs and OEMs for custom system development – designed to be tailored to most application-specific needs, including Unified Communications, mobile, satellite, video surveillance, and RoIP, using a wide variety of industry standard protocols. PacStar can quickly adapt IQ-Core NCM to customer-specific systems or new OEM equipment, and can quickly create new wizards to meet customer-defined use cases.

U.S. DoD Ready

In addition to deployments around the world with commercial, homeland security and first responder organizations, PacStar has extensive experience meeting U.S. DoD certification, interoperability and information assurance (IA) requirements.

IQ-Core Software has undergone extensive IA analysis and testing, and has thousands of copies deployed in the field.


IQ-Core NCM Data Sheet
How to Make the Most of COTS Technologies

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