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  • Enable the deployment of CSfC solutions, with attendant benefits, while reducing the amount of added complexity and training

  • Provide a unified interface (“a single pane of glass”) to underlying equipment from multiple vendors
  • Provide means to monitor multiple sets of equipment, in fixed/ branch offices and deployed settings, enabling lightly trained operators to manage the equipment
  • VPN setup wizards, configuration at a glance, and monitoring/troubleshooting

  • Certificate management


  • Simplifying equipment handling/security procedures
  • Simplifying key management
  • Enabling US coalition partners to access classified information without taking possession of controlled cryptographic items
  • Enabling wireless access to classified information without expensive, slow, end-of-life hardware products

However, these systems can be complex to set up and maintain. PacStar IQ-Core Crypto Manager can overcome the added complexity and training burden imposed by the two layers of encryption by simplifying the setup, configuration, and management of the underlying equipment used in CSfC solutions.

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