The National Security Agency (NSA) has launched the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program enabling organizations to transmit classified information (up to Top Secret) using commercial-grade encryption solutions. CSfC solutions, which must include two layers of Suite B cryptography from two different platforms, enable access to classified information using inexpensive, commercial technologies.


  • Simplifying equipment handling/security procedures
  • Simplifying key management
  • Enabling US coalition partners to access classified information without taking possession of controlled cryptographic items
  • Enabling wireless access to classified information without expensive, slow, end-of-life hardware products

However, these systems can be complex to set up and maintain. PacStar IQ-Core Software CSfC Plug-in can overcome the added complexity and training burden imposed by the two layers of encryption by simplifying the setup, configuration, and management of the underlying equipment used in CSfC solutions.


  • Enable the deployment of CSfC solutions, with attendant benefits, while reducing the amount of added
    complexity and training
  • Provide a unified interface (“a single pane of glass”) to underlying equipment from multiple vendors
  • Provide means to monitor multiple sets of equipment, in fixed/ branch offices and deployed settings, enabling lightly trained operators to manage the equipment
  • VPN setup wizards
  • VPN configuration at a glance
  • VPN monitoring/troubleshooting
  • Certificate management

IQ-Core Software Management System

IQ-Core Software provides extensive capabilities in addition to CSfC.

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Other CSfC Solutions

PacStar creates a wide array of CSfC solutions.

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