IQ-Core Software CSfC Plug-In Now Available

/IQ-Core Software CSfC Plug-In Now Available

Now Available:  IQ-Core Software CSfC Plug-In

PacStar is pleased to announce the availability of the IQ-Core Software CSfC Plug-in. This new plug-in simplifies and automates key processes in the management of NSA “Commercial Solutions for Classified” compliant network equipment. Building on the success of IQ-Core Software, the CSfC Plug-in manages multiple secure communication technologies using approved encryption algorithms, as required under the NSA CSfC program.  Now organizations developing CSfC solutions can take advantage of commercial equipment in order to transmit classified information, while reducing the management burden imposed by the extensive configuration tasks required to make CSfC solutions work.

PacStar IQ-Core Software CSfC Plug-in can overcome the added complexity and training burden imposed by the two layers of encryption required in CSfC by simplifying the setup, configuration and management of the underlying equipment used in CSfC solutions.

IQ-Core Software base capabilities:
•  Enable the deployment of CSfC solutions
•  Provide a unified interface (“a single pane of glass”) to underlying
equipment from multiple vendors
•  Provide means to monitor multiple sets of equipment, in fixed/branch
offices and deployed settings, enabling lightly trained operators to
manage the equipment

IQ-Core Software CSfC Plug-in adds the following CSfC-specific functionality:
•  VPN setup wizards
•  VPN configuration at a glance
•  VPN monitoring/troubleshooting
•  Certificate management

This initial release of the IQ-Core Software CSfC Plug-in manages IPSec VPN gateways from Cisco Systems and Aruba Networks and integrates with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Certificate Authority to create an end-to-end management solution based on popular CSfC equipment, in both tactical and enterprise environments.

To learn more about our CSfC Plug-in visit the PacStar website or contact us at  And don’t forget you can stay up do date with PacStar and industry news by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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