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PacStar solutions for US Army SFAB comms

Shephard Media, the aerospace, defense and security industry's first choice for business information, anlaysis and news, reports on the US Army's selection of PacStar to provide its tactical network baseband solution for six US Army Security Forces Assistance Brigades (SFAB) under a $20 million contract.

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Overcoming Rail Networking Environmental Challenges

As rail systems seek to improve service and efficient, a reliable communication network infrastructure opens the door to new applications. These new applications are explored by PacStar Senior Business Development Manager, Steve Bowen.

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A PacStar/PKI Perspective — Best Public Key Infrastructure Practices for Tactical Networks

To meet the security needs of tactical networks and to enable the proliferation of new devices and capabilities using secure tactical networking, the DoD is increasingly looking to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a primary means to manage identity/authentication and encryption. Experts from PacStar and PKI Solutions outline the best public key infrastructure practices for tactical networks.

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March of Military Network Technology Continues

"As the military, including the U.S. Army, works to update network command systems, size, weight, power and capability improvements are central, especially when paired with cybersecurity protections. The network improvements provide key flexibility and operations for tactical missions and command posts..." Source:

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Fidelis, PacStar Unveil Cyber Platform for Tactical Network Deployments

"Fidelis Cybersecurity and Pacific Star Communications have introduced a rugged cybersecurity platform designed to help mobile troops protect in-theater and executive communications and forward operating bases from cyber threats. The PacStar Tactical Fidelis Cybersecurity System is a compact platform that works to automate threat detection and incident response and is built to meet tactical cyber personnel’s weight, power, size [...]

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Protect the U.S. Power Grid

“The North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) standard on physical security—known as Critical Infrastructure Protection-014 (CIP-014)—includes six basic requirements, but perhaps the most challenging for power companies is to develop and implement a documented physical security plan. Tower-mounted robotics powered by artificial intelligence could make that easier.” Steve Bowen is senior commercial business development manager [...]

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The Army makes it easier for first responders to connect to tactical networks

The U.S. Army will move forward with full-rate production on communication modules from PacStar for its $700 million Transportable Tactical Command Communications (T2C2) program. The new equipment, coupled with T2C2 satellite terminals, helps troops on the battlefield to access the Army’s tactical communications network.

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Overcoming IIoT, Edge Networking Challenges

As power plants and substations become more connected, the need for rugged networking equipment built to withstand tough conditions is amplified. Learn more in this contributed article by PacStar Sr. Commercial Business Development Manager, Steve Bowen.

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Better Wireless Connectivity May Be Coming to a Base Near You

The Navy wants to make the wireless internet on its employees phones work faster. Military bases are treated differently when it comes to providing LTE broadband internet to those working in the area and right now the access to providers is less than ideal.

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Secure Wi-Fi Enters the Battlefield

Signal magazine, a reporter of trends in the defense, intelligence, and global security communities, details the use of secure Wi-Fi by the U.S. military and how PacStar solutions aid the modernization of the military's network and command post capabilities.

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Oregon Defense Contractors Win Big

Award-winning magazine, Oregon Business, details notable military contracts awarded to Oregon companies, such as PacStar, over the last several years.

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PacStar Wins Marine Corps Networking Contract

C4ISRNET, the premier content destination for defense and government communities to stay connected to technology and network innovations to ensure information dominance, announces PacStar's U.S. Marine Corps Networking On-The-Move program win.

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Electronic Warfare Evolves to Meet New Threats

When we think of technology advancing, we've tended to think military applications is, by itself, insufficient in today's evolving EW environment. More layers are required that neither interfere with nor slow communications, across the wireless networks now linking all services and allied forces in the battlespace. An example of this is PacStar's small form factor Secure Wireless Command post.

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Army Eyes Industry for Wi-Fi Solutions

"The Army wants better, more robust solutions for delivering wireless networks in the command post. Recent actions by the vendor community suggest the private sector is looking to play a part in that evolution. PacStar, for instance, recently unveiled its Secure Wireless Command Post (Wi-Fi) product, which the company said is tailor-made to suit [...]

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New Tech Improves, Hardens WIN-T Network

The Army is integrating an emerging software product for its Warfighter Information Network – Tactical Satcom communications system that increases protections and adds a key interface between otherwise less-connected nodes on the network: PacStar IQ-Core Software.

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PacStar Develops Secure Deployed WiFi System

PacStar has developed a Secure Wireless Command Post that enables military personnel to use smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers to conduct activities that had previously required wired solutions.

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DoD Makes It Easier to Access Classified Info Remotely

The DoD is making it easier for warfighters to access classified information remotely by using quick setup wireless command posts to access classified information over Wi-Fi and LTE connections. Read more about this rollout and how PacStar products are at the forefront of these communication management changes.

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PacStar Expands From Military Into New Fronts

After nearly 20 years of providing a telecommunications lifeline to the U.S. military, PacStar is taking its technology to new fronts. “We have reached a level of credibility and repurchase in various smaller military programs that the move to commercial (customers) is part of expanding the total market,” said CEO Peggy Miller.

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PacStar: 300-Series Communication Modules

Building on the successful PacStar 400-series that has been widely deployed throughout the US military, PacStar 300-Series has been extensively environmentally tested for reliable use in sheltered environments subject to extreme temperatures, vibration, and more. The modules incorporate industry leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) networking and server technologies, including Cisco routers.

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PacStar Introduces 300-Series Small Communications Modules

Building on the successful PacStar 400-series that has been widely deployed throughout the US military, PacStar 300-Series has been extensively environmentally tested for reliable use in sheltered environments subject to extreme temperatures, vibration, and more. The modules incorporate industry leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) networking and server technologies, including Cisco routers.

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Proud sponsor of PDX Cyber Camp 2017

PDX Cyber Camp 2017 is a week-long summer camp designed to give students hands-on, introductory experience to cybersecurity principles and policies. The camp, organized and managed by a team of high school students, educators and industry professionals, will be held in three locations during the week of Monday, July 17 to Friday, July 21.

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PacStar appoints ZeroAlpha as UK supplier

ZeroAlpha Solutions has been appointed as exclusive supplier for Pacific Star Communications' military grade communications equipment for the UK market, the company announced on 15 February.

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Army Integrates New WIN-T Software Interface

To learn more about how PacStar’s IQ-Core Software is enhancing interoperability between various elements of the US Army’s WIN-T network, read this full article from Defense Systems.

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Improving Reliability At The Network’s Edge

PacStar, and partner Oceaneering International, Inc., are helping enable remote monitoring of critical infrastructure and processes at the network’s edge. To learn more about the industries benefiting from these rugged technologies, read this full article by PacStar’s, Steve Bowen, and Oceaneering’s, Mark Stevens.

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TacComms Improve with PacStar

To learn more about the results of the PacStar IQ-Core Software usability study, check out this feature on MilSat Magazine.

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NSA ‘CSfC’ – Addressing Key US Army In-Theater Comms Challenges

The following article highlights how PacStar CSfC Solutions are benefitting warfighters by enabling access to classified information using inexpensive, commercial technologies. This contributed article was written by PacStar’s Chief Technical Officer and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Charlie Kawasaki.

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PacStar Named 2016 Manufacturing Company of the Year

We are very proud to announce that PacStar was named the 2016 Manufacturing Company of the Year in our size category by the Portland Business Journal – the city’s premier business publication providing comprehensive coverage of the local economic landscape!

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Army Deploys PacStar Software Across WIN-T Program

After announcing the delivery of 6,000 PacStar’s IQ-Core SoftwareⓇ licenses for the Army’s WIN-T Increment 1 program, C4ISRNET published the article “Army deploys PacStar Software Across WIN-T Program“, which highlights how PacStar software is improving the efficiency of network management in military command posts.

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IQ Core® Software: A Core Solution For Wireless Network Transmission Of Classified Info

Unifying and securing the management of wireless command posts for the US Army has led to the selection of PacStar® to integrate their IQ-Core® Software with CSfC Plug-in into the systems. As a result, the US Army enhances their ability to securely transmit classified information over wireless networks.

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