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Peggy Miller

Chief Executive Officer + Director

Miller joined PacStar in 2007, initially responsible for overseeing the company’s finances. In June 2009, she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, responsible for all of the company’s day to day operations.  And in January 2015, Miller was promoted to become Chief Executive Officer. She also serves as corporate secretary and treasurer.

Miller has an established record of building businesses and strengthening finances through a series of executive-level management positions. While at PacStar, she has been a leader and significant contributor to PacStar’s success, providing strategic guidance as the company moved from operating losses to becoming a profitable company recognized within the DoD for its quality products and outstanding customer service.  Under Miller’s leadership the company has won major US DoD programs of record including US Army T2C2 and US Marines NOTM.  She was named a 2018 Woman of Influence by the Portland Business Journal.

Prior to joining PacStar, Miller was a partner with Tatum, LLC, where she provided strategic financial consulting services to various companies. Peggy has served in an executive capacity for a variety of companies including as CEO of privately held Astoria-Pacific International, President of Concero, and as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of, Inc. It was there, at, where in addition to her former company, Virtual, that she acquired five companies to form the Monstermoving group. She helped co-found Virtual Relocation in 1998 which was sold to Monster, Inc. (NASDAQ:MNST) in May 2000 for $80 million. From 1993 until 1998 she was CFO of Bioject Medical Technologies (NASDAQ: BJCT) and prior to that she was Vice President of Finance for Oregon Health and Science University. Miller holds a BS in Business Administration with honors from Portland State University.

Charlie Kawasaki

CISSP, Chief Technical Officer

Charlie Kawasaki joined PacStar in early 2005 to lead the company’s technology strategy and future product roadmap for its proprietary product lines. Charlie current leads PacStar strategic initiatives – investigating and developing new integrated solutions and technologies to meet customer needs, in particular, focused on areas such as Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC), Cybersecurity, and Edge Computing. Charlie works closely with technology and product teams from our largest partners to create joint solutions, leveraging PacStar core technologies to create optimal tactical and expeditionary solutions. Charlie also serves as a technical and product evangelist raising awareness for PacStar solutions in our target markets and customers.

Charlie has extensive experience in product development, software engineering, technology licensing, patent development, business development, product marketing, general management and M&A. Charlie has over 35 years experience in early stage technology companies, creating dozens of software products for Internet infrastructure, cybersecurity, PC management, and relational databases. Charlie served as CEO of RuleSpace, Inc., which created AI-based Internet parental controls applications used by companies such as AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft. Before RuleSpace, he held product development and engineering management roles at companies including The Palace, Inc., Creative Multimedia Corp., Central Point Software, Inc., Asymetrix Corp. and Microrim, Inc. In 2019, he was named Outstanding Industry Collaborator by Oregon State University.

Ed Rissberger

Vice President of Product Development

Rissberger joined Pacstar in 2010 to lead the company’s product development and production activities. He is a seasoned product development leader with more than 10 years experience as an engineering executive developing high technology products in both large and small organizations. His teams have delivered software and hardware products to both the government and commercial marketplaces.

As Vice President of Engineering at FLIR, Ed led a 100-person technical staff that generated over $75M revenue per year. As Vice President of Engineering at Corvis, Ed led a large (250) International Development department that delivered optical networking equipment to an international Tier-1 carrier customer base which including companies like Sprint, France Telecom, Qwest and Telefonica. For the past six years, Ed was Vice President of Engineering for iMove, a venture funded startup, developing innovative video software for the intelligence and defense markets.

Rissberger holds an MSE from Stanford University, a MSEE from the University of Washington, a BSME from Columbia University in New York and a BS in Physics from Lewis and Clark College.

Jeff Sinclair

Vice President of Sales

Sinclair is a founding member of PacStar. It was through Sinclair’s pioneering sales work in Asia, developing relationships with key military commands for TransPacific’s distribution business, that the market opportunity for PacStar emerged. Sinclair worked at TransPacific from 1992 through 2000. He relocated to Asia in 1993 and served as an Account Executive with new business development responsibilities. During this assignment, Sinclair developed valuable military relationships and knowledge of contracting requirements with primary contractors, the military, and other government organizations.

With the spin-off of PacStar, Sinclair dramatically expanded the company’s sales efforts, expanding to primarily US military worldwide. He is an expert in US government contract administration, military sales, and sales management.  Jeff has provided expert sales leadership as PacStar has grown over the last 4 years from just under $50 million to more than $100 million in revenue in 2018.  This exceptional growth is built on PacStar’s wins in critical DoD tactical communications programs including US Army T2C2, US Marine NOTM, SFAB, ESB-E and others.

Sinclair holds a BS in Biology from Pacific University.

Rodney Snell

Vice President of Software Development

Snell joined PacStar in 2005 to manage the development of the company’s leading edge IQ-Core® Software for which he is the chief architect and designer.

Prior to PacStar, Snell created the high performance data conduit framework used by WebTrends, the first successful web log analyzer. He created visual designer software for the first Ethernet data acquisition devices used in industrial control at Intelligent Instrumentation. He has managed outsourced teams from India and Russia, and has done research into real-time MRI techniques on which various patents have been granted.

Snell holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wyoming and an MS in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona.

Michael Highland

Chief Financial Officer

Highland joined PacStar in 2019 to oversee the company’s financial planning, reporting, and compliance.

Prior to PacStar, he served as CFO, Senior Vice President of Operations & Global Services at Mobile Technologies, Inc. (MTI), ABOUT. Prior to MTI, he served in various financial and operational senior leadership roles at ChannelForce, Inc., Tripwire, Inc., and RB Rubber Products. Highland started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Portland, Oregon after graduating from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance.

Highland joined PacStar with 27+ years of experience advising, leading and managing all aspects of finance, accounting and business operations for publically traded, privately held and private equity owned companies.