Early Focus: Delivering Advanced Communications Systems and Solutions

Pacific Star Communications, Inc (PacStar), an Oregon-based corporation, was founded in 2000. PacStar’s early years focused on establishing its vendor relationships, strengthening its engineering expertise, and building strong customer relationships and brand recognition for delivering cost-effective Enterprise IT communications systems. During that time, PacStar established:

  • Strong vendor relationships with industry-leading IT and communications product manufacturers, including Cisco, HP, Foundry/Brocade, Dell, LGS, Aruba, AT&T, and others.
  • Partner relationships with major prime contractors, including General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, L-3 Communications, and others.
  • Direct sales relationships to all critical sectors of the military, including the international and domestic divisions of the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Joint Forces, Special Forces, National Guard and Coast Guard.
  • A Government Services Administration (GSA) contract for which PacStar routinely receives the highest performance rating.
  • Growing recognition as a highly reliable, first-call resource for effective, multi-layered communications systems whether in enterprise IT or in remote, dangerous, or challenging environments at the “edge” of established communications networks.
  • A reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service.

Our Enterprise IT Solutions have grown and expanded.

Enterprise IT Solutions

PacStar IQ-Core® Technologies Provide Breakthroughs for Advanced, Tactical Communications

By 2004, PacStar recognized a need for complex communication equipment that was quick to deploy and easy to use to address mission-critical communications for the military and government. With significant input from customers, PacStar began active research and development on a breakthrough market innovation that combined sophisticated commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies with a single, comprehensive, management software platform.

Our advanced, patented IQ-Core Software simplifies setup and management of COTS networking/communications systems, protects the system from mis-configuration by preventing many operator errors, and reduces training and support requirements. The software is designed with “net-centric” principles, including open/flexible APIs enabling rapid customization and support for new networking equipment and applications.

IQ-Core Software provides key differentiation for PacStar products, as well as products created in strategic partnerships with other industry leaders.

PacStar IQ-Core Software

PacStar Establishes Its Own Tactical Communications Product Line

PacStar 5500

Recognizing that communications equipment was not getting easier to integrate and operate, in early 2006, PacStar introduced the PacStar 5500 tactical network communications systems, managed by by IQ-Core Software. The PacStar 5500 was JITC-certified in 2006.

In 2007, we extended our product family with the PacStar 3000 mobile communications series of tactical, field-ruggedized communications nodes, beginning with the PacStar 3500, which top FEMA decision makers called the “lightest, fastest mobile communications unit we have ever seen.” Both of these product lines were forerunners of the light weight portable communications products offered by PacStar today.

PacStar 6800

In 2008, PacStar and Cisco announced a joint development project to create Cisco-based Unified Communications (UC) solutions to meet DoD IP-based voice requirements. This

collaboration resulted in the creation of the PacStar 6800 SMEO and PacStar 6300 DVX(which were DoD-certified in 2009), to deliver voice/data/video over the Defense Switched Network (DSN). These products were included on the Cisco price list and were sold through Cisco channel partners.


PacStar 4100

PacStar subsequently adapted these technology advances to create the PacStar 4000-Series of products for initial entry teams serving the DoD, special operations, and emergency response missions.

PacStar products have been widely deployed in major theaters of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and can be found across the globe wherever U.S. troops are deployed.

PacStar Deployable Communications

PacStar Today


PacStar 442/PacStar 441

PacStar now offers a complete line of Cisco-based DoD and commercial products for field communications as well as IT infrastructure. We also continue to develop and sell either with our hardware, or as a standalone product, our patented IQ-Core Software.

PacStar serves customers worldwide. Our Portland, Oregon headquarters include administrative and executive offices, warehouse and production facilities, a development and integration lab, and a training center. In addition to our extensive line of off-the-shelf IQ-Core technology-based advanced communications products, PacStar offers custom product development, utilizing our in-house expertise in systems integration and configuration, electronics and embedded systems, mechanical engineering, and software development.

In 2013, PacStar IQ-Core Software was selected to be the nodal manager for the US Army’s WIN-T (Warfighter Information Network-Tactical) Program, having passed rigorous testing in the Army’s NIE (Network Integration Evaluation) field evaluations.

In 2015, Pacstar added CSfC management capabilities to its IQ-Core Software, and in 2016 the WIN-T’s wireless TOC program implemented IQ-Core Software with CSfC Plug-in to unify and secure the management of their wireless command posts.

And in 2016, PacStar’s 400-Series products were selected as the baseband choice for the multi-year refresh of WIN-T’s T2C2 tactical communications program.

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