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PacStar provides focused hardware and software solutions for military and commercial customers requiring reliable 24/7 advanced communications

The Need

Today’s military and business organizations demand modern, high-performing voice, data, and video communications. Historically, systems have been costly and cumbersome to set up and operate, often requiring highly-trained IT professionals. These organizations need sophisticated yet easy-to-deploy and manage communications technologies that provide situational awareness, mission-critical communications and business decision making. To improve efficiency and reduce costs in deploying these technologies, organizations need the same platform in the field that is used at an enterprise level, insuring interoperability and security, while streamlining training, supply and support logistics.

Our Solutions

PacStar has designed and developed a broad range of proven Tactical & Deployable Communications Products for complex and demanding applications. As military, government, and commercial communications needs evolve, PacStar continues to develop solutions customized to address a wide range of small, medium, or enterprise communications requirements.

PacStar created IQ-Core® Software enabling organizations to field the best-in-class COTS communications technologies, while driving down deployment complexity and management. IQ-Core Software has made PacStar a recognized leader in advanced tactical and enterprise communications systems. The software can be customized to integrate numerous disparate components sourced from a variety of vendors and enable remote management. We have also added CSfC management capabilities with IQ-Core Software with CSfC Plug-In.

For fixed installations, PacStar utilizes extensive engineering expertise combined with partnerships with the major LAN, WAN, Wireless and communications manufacturers to create network and communications Enterprise IT Solutions that meet mission-critical requirements while driving down total cost of ownership.

PacStar is mission-focused, technically unrivaled, and dedicated to delivering innovative communications solutions based on advanced, proven technologies for use in the most demanding of environments. Our customers give us the highest ratings for quality and customer support.