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/4 Ways to Deliver Tactical Cyber to the Battlefield
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4 Ways to Deliver Tactical Cyber to the Battlefield

By: Charlie Kawasaki, PacStar Chief Technical Officer | April 3, 2018 | Fifth Domain

“As Fifth Domain recently explored in its two-part series, the U.S. Army is increasingly examining the use of battlefield cyber techniques. The Army is not alone; cyber has emerged as a war-fighting domain across the Department of Defense, a domain that by many accounts we are not sufficiently prepared to win as a complex web of adversaries ranging from Russia to the Islamic State group now boast electronic warfare (EW) and cyber capabilities that threaten U.S. troops. To ensure an advantage, DoD must overcome key challenges in conducting cyber operations on the battlefield and in tactical settings…”

Read the full article by PacStar Chief Technical Officer, Charlie Kawasaki, for his expert recommendations on how to best deliver tactical cyber to the battlefield.


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